Website Design, Some Considerations

When building a new or updating a current website, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account.

Hopefully these downloadable brochures will give a basic understanding and overview of what is involved when you talk to a developer.

Components of a Website and SEO

Unless you buy a pre-packaged website, almost every website is going to be a custom project. If you engage a developer you will pay for their : Time, Experience, Skills and Tools. These will also be related to the size and complexity of your vision, plus any other services that you need to make your website work. If you build the website yourself, you will use your time and some of that may be taken up with learning methods and techniques.

Download a high level overview of the Design Process :

Google, BING and a host of other search engines constantly update and tweak their algorithms and some SEO Gurus constantly follow what they do. If your website and content design along with proper use of structured data are well implemented and based on standards, you will always benefit.

The Use of Meta Tags

Some agencies and developers might say Meta tags are an old SEO method, but they still allow for greater control over what is displayed in the Search Engine Results. This is still an important point to note.

Download some SEO Cheat Sheets :