Standing On The Precipice

E-mails from my First Overseas Adventure

Standing On The Precipice is exactly how I felt as I embarked on my first overseas adventure... I had never been overseas before. I had spent 12 months training to go SCUBA Diving in Antarctica. I had thought to myself that it would have been a missed opportunity to travel half way around the world to a new country and culture, only to simply drop in, say hi and come back home again. I asked around the people I worked with and they came up with some extra ideas and locations to visit...

  • The Galapagos Islands. Being a bit of a science geek, going to the very place that helped Darwin form his theory of evolutions piqued my interest.
  • Iguazu Falls at the top of Argentina on the border of Paraguay and Uruguay.
  • And then I found out I could also go to Easter Island. This was a place that has fascinated me since I was about 8 years old reading a weekly magazine called The Unexplained
  • I worked my itinerary so that could play Beach Volleyball with the Brazilian's in Rio after seeing them in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
  • I wanted to experience another totally different culture

I was lucky enough to have Long Service Leave available. So I took 3 months off from work and went. I figured if I didn't do it then, I never would. So it was a bit of a leap out of many comfort zones; but being wide opened to the opportunity I was literally: Standing On The Precipice not knowing what I would find...

So, as they were written in the planning, during and after my South American, Antarctica Diving trip...


  1. 01 Preparing For Antarctica 1 - Thank You's _NOT Thank Ewes.pdf
  2. 02 Preparing For Antarctica 2 - Diving in a Dry Suit - What's It All About.pdf
  3. 03 Preparing For Antarctica 3 - Diving in a Dry Suit - an interesting experience.pdf
  4. 04 Preparing For Antarctica 4 - Learning a New Language.pdf
  5. 05 Preparing For Antarctica 5 - The Practice Trip to Sydney.pdf
  6. 06 Preparing For Antarctica 6 - Trolley Putting Tournament.pdf
  7. 07 Preparing For Antarctica 7 - Debunking The Rumours of The World Stud Tour 2003 - 2004.pdf
  8. 08 Preparing For Antarctica X - (Hidden Track) Where I'll be going.pdf
  9. 09 Preparing For Antarctica X - Bonus Remix - Where I'll be going - picture.pdf
  10. 10 South America: Chile: In Santiago So Far So Good.pdf
  11. 11 South America: Chile: Santiago to Quito.pdf
  12. 12 South America: Equador: The Galapagos Trip and Macguiver in Paradise.pdf
  13. 13 South America: Equador: The People ya meet and the things ya See.pdf
  14. 14 South America: Bloody Luggage checks.pdf
  15. 15 Antarctica: The Experience.pdf
  16. 16 Antarctica: South Start of Summer party 2003 - Antarctica.pdf
  17. 17 Antarctica: SCUBA Diving in Antarctica - What is it like.pdf
  18. 19 South America: Ushuaia: Ushuaian Theme Park Rides.pdf
  19. 20 South America: Ushuaiai:Trolley Putting Update.pdf
  20. 21 South America: Ushuaia: 4 Liddle Numbers.pdf
  21. 22 South America: Iguazu: Boxing Day Greetings from Iguazu.pdf
  22. 23 South America: Iguazu - The Sumaj Hostel.pdf
  23. 24 South America: Iguazu - The Iguazu Falls - Brazil and Argentina.pdf
  24. 25 South America: Iguazu - New Years Eve.pdf
  25. 26 South America: Iguazu: Happy New Year from Iguazu.pdf
  26. 27 South America: Buenos Airies: The Hustlers of Buenos Airies.pdf
  27. 28 South America: Buenos Airies: If it's not one Visa it's another....pdf
  28. 29 South America: Brazil: I made it Rio.pdf
  29. 30 South America: Brazil: A Weekend in Rio.pdf
  30. 31 South America: Easter Island: Iorana from Rapa Nui.pdf
  31. 32 Tahiti - From the ground floor, Literally !.pdf
  32. 33 New Zealand: Auckland - The Last Overseas Port of Call.pdf
  33. 34 Australia: Melbourne - The Driest place I've been....pdf
  34. 35 Australia: A Stranger in My Own Home Town.pdf
  35. 36 Suppliment - Rapa Nui Bird Life.pdf