How to get to Antarctica to go SCUBA Diving

Tour Operators

I chose Aurora Expeditions from Sydney, Australia. They are fairly local to me and provide ample opportunity and information to make an informed decision. Aurora leave from Ushuaia in Argentina using The Polar Pioneer, an ex scientific research vessel from Russia strengthened for ice work. Ushuaia is the shortest distance by sea to Antarctica from any continent with only The Drake Passage standing between you and Scuba Diving in Antarctica.

Aurora Expeditions Brochure for Scuba diving in Antarctica Of the ports closest to Antarctica, Ushiuia in Argentina has the shortest distance for visitors to travel

Crossing The Drake Passage

The Polar Pioneer takes approximately 2 days to cross the Drake Passage. Be prepared for some large rolling seas and some sea sickness. If you can, get out on deck or visit the ships bridge to see Ice Bergs, Birds and Breaching Whales. If you are able to watch a copy of 'Rounding The Horn' do so. It is an amazing story of a 1928 cameraman (Captain Irving Johnston) who takes his black and white film camera 40 stories up the mast of a cargo ship to shoot footage of some of the wildest seas in some of the most dangerous waters in the world. The seas you will be crossing as you leave Ushuaia on your way to the Antarctic Peninsula - and back again. See the Wikipedia entry on Cape Horn. A National Geographic article by Captain Irving Johnston.


Ushuaia is a fascinating township and overlooked by many as a transit point to Patagonia and Antarctica. If you can, spend some time either side of any Antarctic journey to explore the surrounds. Visit All Patagonia for an extensive range of activities including Horse Riding, Walks and Trekking, Glacial Climbs, Scuba Diving, 4WD day trips and more. I stayed at the Hostal Del Monte while waiting for a new credit card and PIN to be posted from Australia. The owners were very hospitable while I was there.