Cameras I used for SCUBA Diving in Antarctica

It is VERY easy to become snap happy when visiting Antarctica. You won't want to miss a shot.

I used an Olympus Camedia C-750 Ultra Zoom 4 Mega Pixel with 10x Optical Zoom and two 256MB memory cards. The Underwater Housing is the PT-018 from Olympus. All functions of the camera are accessible with this housing.

Olymous C-750 Digital Camera that I used in Scuba Diving in Antarctica Olympus PT-018 Underwater Housing for the C-750.  Rated to 40 metres.

Know your Camera

  • Antarctica offers specular opportunities for photographers and you won't want to miss any of them.
  • If at all possible, learn as much about your camera and how it works BEFORE you go.
  • Antarctica is a good training ground but it can also mean that can miss quality photographic time.

Storage of Photos

  • Ensure you have enough memory cards or film for the full duration of your Antarctic trip.
  • If using digital photography, you will want to make sure you can take every photo at the highest resolution possible.
    • You can then delete any bad ones later.
  • Otherwise, make sure you have a good back-up mechanism such as a portable Hard Drive or Laptop etc.
  • Memory cards and portable hard drives with card readers have dropped significantly in price since my trip in 2003.

Power Supplies and Batteries

  • You will take LOTS of photos.
  • Make sure you have more than one set of rechargeable batteries for the duration of your trip.
  • Cold temperatures can reduce the life of some batteries significantly.
  • If travelling on the Polar Pioneer with Aurora, make sure you have a Russian power adapter for your appliances, including battery charger.

Moisture and Dew

  • Taking a camera from the outside cold to the inside warmth of the ship can cause dew to form inside the camera.
  • Place any cameras inside a plastic bag once you return inside the ship.
  • Make sure your Underwater Housing is fully operational and sealed correctly before starting each dive.
  • You don't want to miss a shot or risk a flooded housing and an expensive loss.

3D Lenticular Photography - 35mm film

During my trip I also used a Nimslo Quad Lens 3D camera. These are used to produce lenticular prints on standard 35mm film. There are a few places that can develop these prints. I chose 3D Creations in the UK.

The Nimslo Quad Lens Lenticular Camera for taking 3D pictures.  Uses standard 35mm film.