My experience is focussed on the optimisation and reliability of a digital and online presence, not just a website. Working with community groups, small start-ups, SME's, Not For Profits and Government departments I have designed, implemented and improved onsite and organic search engine ranking strategies; reduced service desk and support calls; retained and regained sovereignty over sites, data and domains.A lot of projects also involve aspects of change management, user training and documentation.

I can design and implement green fields projects but also specialise in the consolidation and optimisation of current projects and processes

To determine an appropriate technology path, process improvement or improved customer experience I will sue some or all of these skills.

  • Business Analysis
  • System Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Front End and Back End Web Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Usability and Accessibility
  • Server Configuration and Management
  • Analytics Configuration and Management
  • Project Management
  • Specification Development
  • Content Development

Download a Resume for Brendan Edwards

There are two versions in different formats:

Summary Resume : for a quick overview ( HR Version ) (PDF), (docx)

Detailed Resume : more comprehensive. (PDF), (docx)

RMIT Shourt Course: marketing Analytics and Insights (2018)

A transitional course to

  • provide further insight to the use and application of Big Data.
  • to compliment learnings of the Big Data project I was working on at Telstra in 2018,
  • to give access and familiarity to applications used in industry: Tablaeu and Adobe Analytics


  • Certificate. Pretty proud of the outcome.
  • Final Project Submission (YouTube), Opens in New Window. It's hard to fit everything into 5 - 10 minutes and provide details on everything...
  • Final Project SlidePack (PDF), (pptx), with some of the dummy data I generated: occupancy (pdf) and potential affilates (pdf), the excel files used a random number generator and every interaction modified data.
  • Final Project Reflections (PDF), (docx), I was submitting in a remote area in NSW and the file took almost 6 hours to upload. Screen recording was interesting, but Windows 10 has a native screen reoder called Game bar, used for recording Game Play
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Telstra Research Laboratories

While it is difficult to list everything over nearly 20 years work experience, I have included an overview of my work and acheivements in Telstra Research Laboratories (TRL). The Labs had a significant impact on Australian and global telecomminications research, discoveries, industries, products and services. I am proud of my time, training and experiences in what was Australia's largest telecommunications research facility and the contributions both The Labs, my coleagues and I made.

Some highlights of Brendan's work in the Telstra Research Laboratories

Some background and history of the Telstra Research Laboratories


See some of the companies that have emerged from TRL and it's people: